The Journey Begins

I still remember it was January 2018 and I really wanted to start a new hobby. I was racking my brains as in what to choose and suddenly I remembered seeing my friend Xana’s recent pics that she posted of her sketches. These were Urban sketches which were sketched on location. I decided to join her and start sketching. I asked her what I required for sketching and she gave me a small list of products that I purchased from the local art store. (Waterbrush, Micron pen, Small Windsor and newton watercolor palette and Basic sketchbook) I met her and another friend/sketcher at a local cozy cafe. We ordered some coffee and I decided to sketch my coffee. Well I don’t think it was a great idea to sketch coffee as I feel its difficult to sketch food/beverages for the first time. Anyways I wasn’t focussing on sketching the coffee exact, I was enjoying the whole process of sketching more. It felt so relaxing and I was focussed on that one object. The outcome wasn’t that great but I was certainly hooked to Urban sketching.

My First Urban Sketch- A cappuccino


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